MCMC taking proactive steps to improve internet access nationwide

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has taken a proactive steps to resolve problems of Internet access in the country.MCMC, in a statement today, said the areas affected are in eight locations, namely Kampung Banggol Pak Esah, Pasir Puteh; Kampung Siram, Kedai Tanjong, Pasir Mas; Kampung Aring 5 Gua Musang in Kelantan; Kampung Kaum Asli Kemidak, Bekok, Segamat in Johor; Pulau Aman in Penang; Kampung Labi, Beaufort; Kampung Panikuan, Kudat; and Kampung Waluhu, Ranau in Sabah.


“For Internet access problem facing residents and students in Kampung Banggol Pak Esah in Kelantan, MCMC has contacted Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) to install permanent Unifi network at homes facing Internet connectivity issues.

For long-term solution, a telecommunication tower in Kampung Batu Selinsing will be upgraded to 4G technology under the National Digital Network Project (JENDELA),” it said.

On the unstable Internet access in Kampung Siram, Kedai Tanjong in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, it said the problem has been resolved after TM installed a Unifi network line at the affected homes, while in Kampung Aring 5, Gua Musang, survey and action to test the signal strength of each telecommunication company have been conducted.

For the long-term plan, MCMC said, a new telecommunication tower under the JENDELA project will be built in the area, and also in Kampung Kaum Asli Kemidak, Bekok, Segamat, to overcome the problem of poor Internet access.

It said for the Internet access problem in Pulau Aman, Penang, Celcom has diverted an antenna sector at the Bukit Batu Kawan telecommunication tower towards the area as a temporary solution to improve the quality of the connection there.

For the long-term solution, it said, it would involve the construction of a new tower, which will be proposed under the next JENDELA plan. On the case of a group of students in Kampung Waluhu, Ranau, who had to enter the forest and possibly encounter wild animals in their journey to get Internet access, MCMC said the problem would be resolved with the construction of a new tower in Kampung Singgaron Baru under JENDELA.

The tower will be built at a suitable location to provide better Internet coverage for residents in Kampung Singgaron Baru and Kampung Waluhu, it said, and that for the time being, residents there could use the facilities provided at the Internet Community Centre at Kampung Bongkud.For Kampung Panikuan, Kudat, the residents will get to enjoy 4G service with the completion of the PPS tower in the village, it said.– BERNAMA

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