Anak Negeri demands explanation over abandoned Ranau district mosque project

RANAU: Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (Anak Negeri) demands an immediate explanation from the authorities, especially the local GRS leaders in Ranau District, JKR Ranau and JHEINS why the construction of the Ranau District Mosque worth RM11 million which started on 13 Dec 2017 and should have been completed 5 years ago on 12 June 2019 still not ready until today after 7 years of waiting.


Commenting on Sabah Chief Minister DSP Hajiji Noor’s recent statement threatening action against defaulting contractors who abandoned or failed to complete the Ranau District Mosque project, its President Datuk Henrynus Amin said he was puzzled as to why the project failed or was not completed in the first place. and now seems to have been abandoned or perhaps postponed indefinitely.

He said, he was upset with the silence and inaction of the local YB who had been elected by the people, and who had been placed in their positions by the people, and should be representing the people to protect their interests.

“Their silence, or rather non action against the abandoned project is totally unacceptable. They should speak out or act on matters of public interest, but unfortunately public inquiries regarding the delayed or abandoned Ranau Mosque project have been met with deafening silence.”

He said the affected users of the mosque in Ranau must have given the implementing agency the opportunity to clarify their position through informal channels.

“But instead they receive a muted response.”

“When the Chief Minister of Sabah got angry at the delay of the project and warned that action would be taken against those responsible, only then the issue is out of the closet.”

Henrynus said Anak Negeri rejected the claims of certain parties who blamed formers Chief Ministers as the culprits responsible for the project delay.

“The responsibility must be placed on the incumbent leadership in the Ranau for non action on the said project that have been delayed or abandoned.” he said in a statement

“As an elected leader, the local YBs should speak up to protect the interests of the people. Their silence and non action can only be interpreted as not caring about the plight of the people or perhaps they are protecting the interests of the contractor.”

In this regard, Henrynus reminded the people of Ranau how important it is to have an opposition voice to examine, question and criticize local leaders who fail to implement projects that the people expect to get.

He said Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri is one of the only local opposition political parties which, although it does not have an elected leader for the time being, continues to address local and national issues for the benefit of the people in Sabah.

Meanwhile, Henrynus described the Chief Minister’s statement or specifically his threat to act against the defaulting contractor as a little late after being delayed for 5 years.

He said now the constant comments by the Chief Minister about the failed GLC, failed projects and other problems only show that the GRS government may plan to dissolve the state assembly early to hold state general elections as early as April 2024.

He said Anak Negeri will not let the people’s problems related to the abandoned Ranau District Mosque be forgotten and buried in the sand.

He said with the support and blessing of the people in Sabah, and Ranau in particular, Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri will continue to speak out, identify, voice out and highlight issues to ensure the accountability of leaders and implementing departments and agencies.

For now, what is most important, he said, is that the local YBs, JKR Ranau or JHEINS must be held accountable, and must explain why the delay, and what actions they have taken to correct the situation?

“People in Ranau want to know what action has been taken against the defaulting contractor?”

“Are threat of action by the Chief Minister just window dressing?”

He said, serious questions must be asked, whether or not the appointed contractor is technically or financially incompetent.

“Did the contractor bid too low, under budget and now can’t get the job done?”

“Are there hidden costs or elements of corruption that might explain why the project was delayed, abandoned and not completed?” he asked.

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