Visionary Ewon makes history, appointing five representatives of Indian entrepreneurs to the KUSKOP agency

GEORGE TOWN (Penang): Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development (KUSKOP) Datuk Ewon Benedick has made history for the ministry, appointing five representatives of Indian entrepreneurs to the various agencies under the KUSKOP.


Ewon expressed optimism that the appointment of representatives of the community’s entrepreneurs in agencies under his ministry will pave the way for more participation of the Indian community in the entrepreneurial and cooperative movement.

He said that representatives of Indian entrepreneurs were appointed as members of the board of directors at SME Corp Malaysia, TEKUN Nasional, the Malaysian Cooperative Commission, the Malaysian Cooperative Institute and the National Institute of Entrepreneurship.

He said that such an appointment “had never been made before” and proved that the Unity Government, under the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, appreciates the contribution and role of the Indian community in nation-building.

“After discussing with my Deputy Minister, Senator Saraswathy Kandasami, I submitted a list of proposed appointments to the YAB Prime Minister, and the latter agreed with these appointments.

“Thus, on behalf of the government, I sincerely hope that this appointment can improve the participation of the Indian community in the entrepreneurship and cooperative movement in our country, as I hope for all communities in this country,” he said.

Ewon said this in a dialogue session with Indian entrepreneurs in Little India here on Tuesday.

The dialoque was organised by the Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DPPIM).

Also present at the meeting were Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Saraswathy Kandasami, State Government Exco DS Rajoo, YB Kumaran Krishnan and SME Corp chairman Tan Sri Bernard Dompok.

Ewon also noted improvements in the governance of the Indian Community Entrepreneur Financing Scheme (SPUMI) implemented by TEKUN Nasional, an agency under his ministry.

He also expressed the government’s approval to allow a quota of 7500 foreign workers for three sub-sectors involving the participation of many Indian entrepreneurs, namely textiles, gold shops, and barber shops.

“On September 30, the Ministry will also hold a dialogue session on the 2024 budget together with entrepreneurial industry players and cooperatives among the Indian community to obtain inputs regarding the 2024 budget.

“This approach is expected to improve cooperation and communication between the government and stakeholders in the sector of entrepreneurship and cooperatives,” he said.

Earlier, Ewon visited several shops around Little India Penang.

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