Goh hopes Malaysia and China can boost collaboration in satellite technology

XIAMEN, CHINA: Malaysia and China should seriously explore potential for collaborations in aerospace and satellite technology sectors, said Tan Sri T.C Goh, President of The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Huazong).


He said this was in line with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s recent call inviting both international and Malaysian aerospace industry players to work together in developing the aerospace and satellite technology sectors. Anwar had urged this during the launch of the Malaysia Space Exploration Action Plan 2030 (MSE2030). He said, the launch of MSE2030 shows that Malaysia has the most matured aerospace and satellite technology policy among the ASEAN nations.

Goh opined that China’s rapidly advancing technology in aerospace and satellite technology is certainly worth considering, as a partner for collaborations in this sector.

He thus proposed the Malaysian government to boost the import of China’s advanced commercial satellite technology and services, to better cater to the increasing demands for advanced technology and big data centres, in Malaysia, and to better tackle the lack of internet telecommunications coverage in the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

He proposed this while speaking at the exchange session with senior officials of China Users Association for Satellite Communications, Broadcasting & Television (CUA-SCBT), also known as China Satellite, while leading the Huazong delegation in a visit there, on Saturday. Goh and his delegation was warmly received by various senior officials of China Satellite led by its Executive Vice President, Wang Ping. Also in attendance were Goh’s wife, Puan Sri Joanne Ho, Huazong Vice President Dato’ Lam Kuang Yau and wife Datin* Loh * , Datuk Dr Sunny Tan, Managing Director cum Chief Operating Officer of MyWorld Group, Ben Teh, Chief Sales Officer for RedOne Network, Ben Goh, Goh’s Special Assistant, among others.

Goh who is also President of The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) especially hoped the government could strive to address the perennial issue of poor internet and telecommunications services, which has been affecting the people of Sabah and Sarawak, for a long time.

He also noted that the Malaysian government has been working very hard to boost development of Malaysia’s aerospace industry, including launching Malaysia’s own satellite, astronauts. Recently, it also expressed its aspiration to collaborate with China and Russia in the moon exploration programme.

Meanwhile, during his briefing, Wang explained that China Satellite is China’s sole professional agency which represents all the users of China’s satellite technology and services, including government departments and agencies, private companies of various sectors, from education to research and manufacturing, etc.

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