UCSF Youth Volunteers Remove 809.2 kg of Trash from Sabah Beach for World Cleanup Day 2023

KOTA KINABALU – A group of dedicated volunteers, primarily consisting of university and college students from various organisations, successfully cleared a staggering 809.2 kg of trash from Tanjung Lipat Beach.


The cleanup operation, centered around Anjung Selera and Teluk Likas Phase II Public Park, took place on Saturday, August 12.

The majority of the debris consisted of general waste and plastic bottles, weighing in at 303 kg and 299 kg, respectively.

The event, endorsed by Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK), witnessed the active participation of more than 200 individuals, including students, staff, and members from University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF), Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation (MHF), SIDMA College, Junior Chamber International (JCI Kota Kinabalu, JCI Tanjung Aru, JCI Luyang), as well as other independent recycling center volunteers.

This clean-up initiative, organized by UCSF, aligns seamlessly with the institution’s commitment to sustainability as a Green university.

“Empowering young people and nurturing them as responsible leaders who are actively engaged in environmental conservation is of utmost importance,” emphasized Ibrahem Wasti, the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Science of Sustainability (UCSF) and co-coordinator of the event.

The event carries a significant message, reminding the public that we are merely custodians of this planet for future generations.

The act of cleaning up the environment not only brings about tangible change but also serves as a poignant symbol of our profound appreciation for the natural world and its biodiversity.

MHF, the Secretariat for World Cleanup Day Malaysia, sees this cleanup effort as just the beginning of a larger movement to create a greater impact and raise awareness about the detrimental effects of environmental pollution and its relation to climate change.

Henry Teh Kok Kheng, the Country Leader for World Cleanup Day Malaysia and Executive Director of MHF, stressed the urgency to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The event was held in conjunction with the global annual World Cleanup Day 2023 programme, to be held on Saturday, September 16, or third September of every year as adopted by the UN General assembly.

This international initiative aims to involve 5% of the population in each nation and city to partake in cleanup activities.

Since its inception in 2018, the event has successfully attracted the participation of more than 70 million volunteers from 191 countries.

Dr. Rafiq Idris, the Vice Chancellor of UCSF, emphasised the importance of partnerships in realising sustainable goals by 2030.

He stated, “We will continue to collaborate with our partners to build a sustainable future for our state and country.”

UCSF, recognised as a model of a green boutique university, commended the youth and all participants for their commitment and contribution to creating a safer and cleaner environment for the city.

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