Labuan DAP must focus on efforts to serve people – Steven Sim

LABUAN: The Labuan Democratic Action Party (DAP) has been urged to focus on efforts to be the right platform and voice of the people. 
DAP central executive committee (CEC) member Steven Sim said this is the right time as DAP is already part of the ruling government.
He said that he had given three proposals as a benchmark for the Labuan DAP to focus on, with the first one is to fully support the Unity Government to ensure political and economic stability.
The second one is to increase efforts and services to the people and the third one is to be the voice of the people, he said.
“The scenario is now different as DAP is now part of the government with DAP leaders having access to other DAP leaders who are in the government administration, and this is easy for them to voice the people’s issues.
“However, the fact is despite the platform – be it the opposition or in the government – DAP always strives to be the voice of the people’s welfare and well-being,” he said after officiating the Labuan DAP convention at Lazenda Hotel here today.
Sim said Labuan DAP had undergone various challenges since its establishment to play part in Labuan’s economic issues and people’s well-being.
“I’m proud of the Labuan DAP’s loyalty with the party’s struggles, having no splits since its establishment and the 12 branches remained strong,” he said after officiating the convention at Lazenda Hotel here today.
Sim who is also Deputy Finance Minister II announced the appointment of Jeremy Wong, a lawyer by profession, as his special assistant to assist him on the various economic-related issues for the attention of the Ministry of Finance. 
Wong who is also Labuan DAP vice chairman was one of the Labuan Corporation advisory council members.


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