The Malaysia Family Phrase is able to Free Malaysia from Covid-19, Economic Problems – Salleh

KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysia Family concept introducrd by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob is believed to be able to free Malaysia from the Covid-19 pandemic and economic ailment.

Ex-Communication and Multimedia Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak voiced out his confidence on the Malaysia Family approach that emphasises on unity between the people and leaders from various political parties in the country.

“We cannot look at this issue (Covid-19 and the economy) from political perspective alone.

“Maybe we can have differences in opinions or political ideology but in the effort of fighting against Covid-19 and restoring the economy… We must be united as a big family and this is emphasised by the Prime Minister through the Malaysia Family concept,” he said.

Salleh who is also the former Sabah Chief Minister said this during his special appearance at the” Ulang Suara” programme entitled “Malaysia Family – Politic Crossing Ideology for the Country’s Victory” broadcasted live on Umno Sabah Online on Saturday.

He said that the determination of the federal government to ensure the success of the Malaysia Family concept is proven when the Prime Minister followed up by inviting leaders of the opposition from Pakatan Harapan to work together on matters related toCovid-19 and on the economic revival.

“The result (for the purpose) are signed agreement. For this matter, the approach is bipartisan.

“We will no longer see actions taken based on the party perspective but shall it as a united approach to resolve the country’s problem,” he said.

Salleh believes that with the reduce temperature in the country’s politic and with the support of the people and politic leaders including the opposition, the country’s target to achieve 80 percent herd immunity can be attained by October.

“With the consensus, no one will continue to find weaknesses in the government, including those against the vaccine.

“We are reminded that the concept of the Malaysia Family does not mean the lack of differences in opinions. But it is important that we address the differences effectively.

Salleh hopes that all parties would stop playing politics to fight the pandemic and restore the country’s economy.

“In today’s situation, it is not right for us to play politics 24-hours. Similar to the English Football league, there are seasons to play and seasons to stop.

Salleh also supported the preparation of the new government to approach youths.

He supported Undi18 which allows the young who are 18 years old to partake in politics including voting.

“Undi18 has been approved at the Parliament and supported by the government and the opposition.”

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