Petanah wants the GRS government to consider reopening the Kiulu Department of Agriculture Branch Office

TUARAN: The Sabah Bumiputera Farmers and Breeders Association (Petanah) wants the GRS government to consider reopening the Kiulu Department of Agriculture branch office, which has been closed for over thirty years.


Petanah President Gaibin Ransoi emphasised the importance of addressing food security, which has become a priority agenda item for the government.

Gaibin highlighted the uncertainty of the food supply and the rising prices, particularly for imported goods.

In light of these concerns, Petanah believes that reviving the operation of the Kiulu agriculture department branch office is necessary, he said.

Gaibin pointed out that there are still many villagers who require guidance on proper agricultural practices, including the cultivation of crops like Musang King durian, which can yield decent returns.

He acknowledged that some villagers have attempted to grow Musang King durian but have not succeeded due to a lack of experience rather than negligence.

Therefore, having trained agricultural officers stationed at the Kiulu Department of Agriculture would be an excellent option.

Additionally, Gaibin proposed that the Kiulu assemblyman and Tuaran MP allocate a portion of their budgets to purchase high-quality durian seeds, including Musang King, to distribute to villagers who are in extreme poverty or fall under the B40 category.

This initiative aims to increase their income and alleviate the grip of poverty in Kiulu.

Gaibin said that there are still Kiulu children who are unable to attend events such as convocation outside of Kiulu due to financial constraints, such as the cost of transportation.

To address this issue, he suggested thinking outside the box and providing agricultural capital, particularly suitable seeds for Kiulu’s agricultural products.

This long-term solution would help combat severe poverty in the area.

According to Gaibin, reopening the Kiulu Agriculture Department branch office would contribute significantly to the overall development and welfare of the region.

Gaibin believes that the reopening of the Kiulu Agriculture Department is both suitable and timely, given that Kiulu now holds the status of a sub-district.

Furthermore, he suggests that once the revived Sabah Rice Board (LPS) is fully operational, the sub-district of Kiulu should consider establishing an LPS branch office to further enhance rice cultivation, particularly hill rice.

On the other hand, Petanah welcomes and appreciates the Madani Government’s initiative and approach in creating the Data Base System (PADU), which was recently launched by the Prime Minister.

According to him, PADU is highly appropriate for implementation as it aligns with the government’s policy of being frugal in every expenditure, thereby reducing the burden on the National Treasury.

Gaibin emphasizes that the implementation of PADU will ensure that low-income individuals are not excluded from subsidy assistance, especially considering the rising cost of living.

Additionally, it will enable the identification of high-income subsidy recipients.

He also expresses his gratitude for the Prime Minister’s concern for safeguarding the welfare of the people, particularly the low-income segment.

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