10% sales tax on online purchases will only burden the B40 group, says David

KOTA KINABALU: The recent decision by the Federal government to impose a 10% sales tax on online purchases has been described as untimely and inappropriate by the Sabah West Coast Smart Consumers Association.


According to the association’s president, David Chan, this sales tax will only add to the burden faced by the B40 group.

Chan explained that online shopping has become a daily routine for those living on a B40 budget, as it offers them the advantage of comparing prices and selecting better quality products.

“This not only helps them save money but also provides convenience, especially for those looking for old vehicle parts that are no longer available in the local market,” he said in a statement today.

Given the fast-changing models of cars and the phased-out availability of certain car parts, online shopping becomes the only option for consumers, he added.

Therefore, David emphasized the need for the federal government to reconsider and potentially reduce or eliminate this online tax, in order to alleviate the financial strain on B40 consumers and their daily cost of living.

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