ROS confirms blacklisting Ruddy, not eligible to hold a position in SAFA

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Football Association (Safa) vice president Dato Seri Ruddy Awah is legally ineligible to occupy a position within the association due to his blacklisting by the Malaysian Registrar of Societies (ROS).


The ROS has confirmed Ruddy’s status as disqualified from holding a position in the organisation, which was registered effective June 6, this year.

The ROS letter was signed by Shira Binti Anwar.

The position of the Pitas State Assemblyman, who is disqualified from holding a position in any registered organization, is also being spread on the social media.

The situation will also create uncertainty in Safa because it has allowed Ruddy to be nominated to run for the position of Safa vice president in its annual congress last May, which the congress received protests for not complying with the association’s constitution.

Previously, the Sabah Sports Commissioner (PJS) had conducted an investigation into the conduct of the Safa congress but until now no action has been taken.

PJS is understood to have referred the matter to the higher authorities in Kuala Lumpur for further action.

Ruddy also holds the position of chairman of the Safa Competition Committee. After it was reported that the portal revealed that the committee was not working due to Ruddy’s aloof attitude.

Ironically, the Assistant Minister of Rural Development called a surprise meeting at his ministry yesterday to mobilise the committee he heads.

The time has come for PJS to play a role in confirming Ruddy’s position in Safa in addition to announcing the results of its six-month investigation into Safa.

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