Mositun raises concerns over water supply problems in Papar

PAPAR: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Limbahau chief Datuk Johnny Mositun has expressed his concern and worry over the water supply issue in the district.
The problem, he said, is not only confined to the district but in fact happening all over the state.
Speaking at PBS Limbahau’s annual general meeting which was held in Dewan Mositun here on Saturday, Mositun said there needs to be a long-term solution to the water supply problem.
“Therefore, we need to support the proposal to construct the Papar dam because without a steady supply of clean water, development of the district and state would be hampered.
“The relevant authorities such as IDS and Drainage and Irrigation department (DID) are on the ground conducting the social impact assessment (SIA) and environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies. Their officers have met me to get my opinion on the matter,” he explained to the delegates.
Mositun pointed out that the water supply problem in the state is quite critical especially with many of the water intake points at rivers declared as polluted and no longer able to be used as a source of water.
According to him there are many developments planned for Papar and the surrounding areas including the airport in Kimanis as well as mega projects proposed for Kinarut.
“However, without a steady water supply, how can we implement all these plans? And how are we to attract investors if we cannot ensure them that there will be no water supply disruptions,” he lamented.
Therefore, the Papar dam should be constructed, he said but stressed that the project must not be detrimental to the environment and social impact of the people at the location.
Community leaders must also go down to the ground to explain clearly to the people why the dam is needed.
“They must be made to understand that with the dam, the clean water supply problem could be resolved,” he stressed.
In the past, former Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin had said rapid development and increasing consumer demands were among reasons for the water supply problem in the state especially along the west coast.
Bung Moktar who was the then Works Minister added that other factors affecting the clean water supply include the pollution of rivers, poor maintenance of broken pipes and technical problems.
Meanwhile Mositun also expressed his disappointment in the delay of the appointment of Village Security and Development committee (JKKK) members in Limbahau.
This matter is long overdue as the JKKKs were supposed to be appointed in December last year, he said.
“I have submitted the name list of recommended individuals to the Papar District Officer with a copy being sent to the Rural Development ministry but there is yet to be any action taken. Without the JKKK, development in the villages cannot be implemented as there is no one the relevant departments can liaise with on the matter,” said Mositun.
On the party front, the PBS Vice President reminded its members to continue its struggles and championing the rights of Sabahans as well as the state.
“The state is progressing well under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Hajiji Noor and we will continue to support him, Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) and the unity government.
“We must also not forget that PBS was among the first parties to champion for the state and its people under GRS. Therefore, we must continue what we started for the sake of the state and people,” he said.
During the AGM, Mositun’s also received membership applications from 84 people from Kg.Kaiduan in Papar which were handed over by their representative Chung Soon Hing.
Also present at the AGM were PBS Executive Secretary Masilus Roman, PBS Supreme council member John Masabal and representatives from the party’s Youth and Women Exco.


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