Education is the Key to Success, says Dato’ Baharul

KOTA KINABALU: Excellence in education is the key to success and determines a person’s future, especially students.


SMK Taun Gusi Alumni Association Chairman Dato’ Baharul Sawi said in today’s life, education is an important need after food, clothing and shelter.

“Education plays a vital role in our lives. To get a better life, high income and luxury in life also requires high education.

“The success of a student cannot be measured by the major of study he chooses but depends on his ability to master learning,” he said.

Baharul said this in his speech at the 8th Form Six Graduation Ceremony of SMK Taun Gusi, here today.

Therefore, he reminded the students who are about to enter higher education institutions to choose the appropriate courses.

“Undeniably, interest is the main driver or the beginning for us to choose a course.

“However, the selection of courses for university level, form six students cannot be based solely on interest. On the contrary, it should also be made based on the calculation of required courses to enable a person to enter the job market more easily,” he said.

Baharul said one of the main reasons
graduates failed to find a job is the choice of a field of study that is not the main requirement of the job market or there is an oversupply of graduates in the field in question.

In the post-pandemic era of Covid-19, he opined that one of the courses that can be explored is Digital Marketing.

Lately, most companies in this country need graduates who are skilled in digital, he said.

In addition, graduates are encouraged to equip themselves with a variety of knowledge and skills to enable them to compete in a more challenging life.

“This is in line with the demands of a borderless world as well as fulfilling national aspirations, every individual should take the opportunity to master various skills and knowledge,” he said.

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