Sabah Society for the blind Sandakan branch statewide appeal for donations

SANDAKAN: With the endemic state underway, the Sabah Society For The Blind Sandakan Branch decided to launch a statewide appeal for public donations and financial assistances by way of postal letters inorder help fund the continued operation of its Taman Cahaya Training Centre For The Blind located at Kompleks Penyayang Taman Cahaya, Rancangan Sungai Manila, Mile 12, Sandakan.
The covid pandemic and the ensuring lockdowns had indeed not only affected the welfare of the general public but also placed heavy restrictions and constraints on the operation of Non Government Organisations and their financial survival.
The Centre is resuming its training and rehabilitation operation for the visually impaired peoples in Sabah and expecting to train about 25-30 blind trainees each year who are recruited from various remote parts of the State.
The blind trainees are provided with 12 months training in handicrafts weaving, foot reflexology and body massage, braille, basic computer knowledge, cash crop agriculture, flower nursery, mobility and orientation, personal health care and social interaction skills in communication and sports activities. The training facilities, housing accommodation, food and pocket moneys are all provided free to the blind trainees.
The Society also providing humanitarian shelters to 12 blinds and their families at the buildings located adjoining to the training centre.
The whole training operation of the centre (including recruitment and infrastructure maintenance costs) carried out by staff and assisted by volunteers required funding of RM300,000.00 per year, out of which RM80,000.00 is received from the Sabah Council of Social Services and the rest of the shortfall fund to be solicited from the general public.
On behalf of the Sabah Society For The Blind, Sandakan Branch and staff/inmates of Taman Cahaya, the Society Branch’s Chairman Mr Chong Yee Fah would like to take this opportunity to thank all the kind supporters and donors for having rendered their kind-hearted supports and assistance to the centre especially during the covid pandemic to relieve the hardship of the blind community and sincerely look forwards to receiving their continued generosity and financial supports in order for the Branch’s Committee to continue to give a little bit more and better future to the needy and less fortunate blind peoples in our community.


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