Consumers are asked to shop frugally

KOTA KINABALU: Consumers are asked to spend prudently to avoid waste as well as be vigilant as today’s economic situation has not yet recovered as the country enters the endemic transition phase.


Sabah West Coast Wise Consumers Association president David Chan said consumers, especially Muslims, should also avoid wastage when buying food for breaking fast. “In the new situation entering the endemic transition phase, we hope the country’s economic situation improves and social activities return to vigor, all parties need to maintain a culture of prudence when spending.

“Buy only necessities, remember the future because we do not know what will happen in the future because Covid-19 virus infection is still high,” he said. He said, the opening of the border to tourists and travelers is also a blessing to all because Sabah will be overflowing with foreign tourists thus reviving the tourism sector in the state.

“We hope that with the opening of the country’s entrance, the tourism sector will recover and reopen employment opportunities for many people.

“Make the most of this opportunity to help increase personal and family income,” he said.

David said that it was inevitable that there would be an increase in the price of goods due to various factors including the Ukrainian and Russian wars, limited supply as well as the unpredictable world weather and so on. In this regard, he requested that traders not take advantage of the increase in the price of essential goods to the point of burdening the public.

David, meanwhile, also supported the state government’s decision to decide on the Antigen Quick Kit (RTK-Ag) test rate for tourists entering Sabah via the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (LTAKK) at RM60 per person.

He said the decision clearly reflected the Sabah state government’s tourist -friendly approach, thus encouraging the influx of tourists and the regrowth of the tourism sector in Sabah.

At the Federal level, the RTK-Ag test rate is RM100 for Malaysians and RM160 for foreign tourist.

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