Local entrepreneur launched new beauty product


KOTA KINABALU: Real Beauty Sdn Bhd launched a new beauty product that acts as both beauty lotion and sunscreen.
Called Aloe Vera Brightening Lotion with Sun Protection, the product brightens the skin while protecting it from sun exposure as well as helps to restore damage to the skin and get rid of black spots.
Real Beauty Chief Executive Officer Rejanah Bahanda said the lotion was suitable for all skin types and can be applied all over the body. Sunscreens are usually able protect the skin especially for those with active outdoor lifestyle. Prolonged and even periodic exposure to the sun can cause accumulative skin damage.
Approved by the Ministry of Health, this product’s introductory sales have achieved 3000 units which augured well for future public reception for this locally produced beauty care product.
“I am pleased with the results,” Rejanah said adding that success came with hard work and perseverance, as well as persistence.
The event was also a celebration to commemorate the third-year anniversary of the company.
Speaking to reporters after the product launching ceremony and anniversary celebration on 10 Nov, she said the main criteria of a budding entrepreneur was to never give up as there was no magical way to success.
“My business associates have also been very helpful and diligent in ensuring that our endeavours succeed. I must say their hard work paid off quite well and I am sure they will do well in the days to come.”
Several activities were held during the opening ceremony which included showcase of talents and presentations of various awards.
Five top Top salespersons were also recognised with awards during the launching ceremony. They were Puinah Adiu, ranked fifth, Veronica Janing Ranked fourth, Norhayati Abd Rahim Ranked third, Anjilin Maladu on the Second Rank and the top-ranking sales went to Viana Asang.
Also present during the events were Datuk Dr Hjh Tarsiah Tz Taman, the Chairperson of Sabah Women Advisory Council, Dato’ Redonah Bahanda, the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Dr Kenny@Fazli the Proprietor of AFCL Bioscience Sdn Bhd  and Anita Mohamed, Chairperson of Sabah Chambers of Business Entrepreneurs.


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