PBS Expresses Concern Over “symptoms of disease of extremism” Creeping into Sabah – Mositun

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah vice president Datuk Johnny Mositun has expressed concern over the beginning of signs of extremism creeping into the state.


He stressed that the 32 ethnic and sub-ethnic groups in the state have always been able to live and work together as one family, despite coming from different backgrounds.

“In fact, Sabah is the best example of religious tolerance and unity. In the past, we never heard the word of “segregation” as far as supermarket services are concerned in Sabah.

“We must maintain this at all cost and be cautious of certain groups trying to break this harmonious relationship. These people try to sow the seeds of hatred and divisions in others, be it on religious or racial and ethnic grounds, ” he said in a statement today.

The former Sabah deputy Speaker asserted that PBS remained committed to ensuring that Sabah (or Sabahans )continues its tolerant qualities within us and respectful way of life.

PAS had recently urged all supermarkets or shops to be sensitive to the needs and sentiments of the various religions in Sabah.

According to PAS Sabah, this was necessary following what happened at a supermarket in Keningau, which sold pork without “segregating” trolleys for consumer use.

“Indeed, as a Sabahan l rebuke this sort of religious extremism amongst us as “nobody is holier-than-thou,” said Mositun, who is also the Limbahau PBS Head..

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