Chan wants the State Govt to impose a cut-off point for new Covid-19 cases

KOTA KINABALU: The Parliament Member here, Chan Foong Hin, has called upon the Sabah government to set a cut off point for new cases.
In his facebook entry, Chan said that if new cases exceeded the cut off point, Sabah should implement the Movement Control Order (MCO).
“I suggest that the cut off point should be 500, half of a thousand, as we have experienced thousand plus new cases per day before and burdened out public health system,” he said.He said that it is crucial to have the matter announced beforehand.”
He said that this will remind Sabahans not to be complacent with the current loose SOP under CMCO (conditional Movement Control Order).
He also reminded that other states wouldn’t be able to assist Sabah if the state’s public health system becomes crippled as a result of Covid cases surge.  


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