Masiung urges Gagasan Rakyat’s youth leaders to stand up for the party

TUARAN: ‘The leadership of the youth movement should not be a’stick’ when the party is faced with attacks and ridicule from the opposition party.


“You youth, don’t be a shield in the front line if you are a coward,” said Vice President of the Sabah Gagasan Rakyat party (Gagasan Rakyat), Datuk Masiung Banah.

He challenged the leader of the party’s Youth Movement to stand up and defend the dignity of the People’s Idea, which became a source of provocation for the opposition.

Masiung delivered a motivational talk while being an invited guest of the Gagasan Rakyat Youth Movement Retreat programme at one of the leading resorts here yesterday.

He said young leaders should be agile in defending the dignity of the president and the party that was attacked with various slanders by the opposition party through the sharing of virtual media platforms.

However, Masiung reminded Gagasan Rakyat youth leaders not to be complacent in the struggle without obeying the president’s instructions as party leader.

According to the Kuamut Representative, complacency and disobeying the instructions of the party leader are clearly proven to invite defeat in every struggle.

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