M-League Likas Stadium to be first to use own VAR System

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah is set to become the first state to utilise its own Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, specifically the Goal system, for Malaysian League matches at Likas Stadium here after training, management and technical processes, which are expected to be completed after June.
Malaysian Football League (MFL) Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Stuart Ramalingam said that this development comes as a result of the sabah’s government readiness to invest in the facility at Likas Stadium, but did not disclose the investment amount.
He said that currently, the Malaysian League (M-League) employs the EVS mobile van system for VAR in matches on the Peninsula, while matches at Likas Stadium also use the EVS system.
However, after June, Likas Stadium will switch to the Goal VAR system.


Ramalingam noted that FIFA does not object to the M-League using two different VAR systems.
“The VAR system used today for Sabah FC and Penang FC in Likas Stadium is the system brought from the Peninsula, namely the EVS used by MFL at present. We will switch to the Goal system at Likas Stadium after June.
“In June, September, and October, during the FIFA windows, we can conduct referee training to use these two systems, as well as hold coordination meetings and other training sessions either in Sabah or Kuala Lumpur. Our timeline for using the Goal system in the Malaysian League is this year,” he told a press conference after a meeting between MFL and Sabah Sports Authority here on Sunday.
Stuart added that MFL also held meetings with
FIFA officials in Kuala Lumpur last April regarding the use of these two VAR systems in the M-League, which was attended by the system provider contractors.

“The Goal system has been used worldwide, it s one of the better systems in VAR. We can’t just buy and install it as we please; the system installed in Sabah was purchased and installed by the official vendor appointed by FIFA and has been certified.
“We hope this matter is viewed positively because in Sabah’s qualification for the AFC
Cup, there were also significant improvements at the local level in terms of stadium facilities, spectator areas, and giant screens,” he said.

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