Sabah FC to enhance safety standards for players, management, and fans

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah FC is committed to enhancing the safety standards for players, management, and fans. said Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Shahelmey Yahya.


He said the association took the injuries of players in peninsular Malaysia seriously and voiced their desire for such incidents to be avoided in Sabah.

He assured that Sabah FC will implement enhanced safety protocols before the opening match of the Sabah Super League against Penang FC on May 12.

Shahelmy stressed the significance of prioritising the safety of all individuals involved, including players, management, spectators, and match venues.

He emphasised the urgency of resolving safety issues promptly to ensure the smooth progress of the league and to boost spectator confidence.

In relation to the unveiling of Sabah FC’s new jersey, Shahelmy, who also serves as the President of the Sabah Football Association (SAFA), detailed that the ‘Tagap’ themed jersey was selected to align with the physical attributes and performance goals for the 2024–2025 season.

He expressed anticipation for the jersey’s release, highlighting its design appeal and collaborative effort with Lotto Malaysia to bolster Sabah FC’s spirit for the upcoming league campaign.

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