Labuan UMNO Rises Again

LABUAN: The Annual Branch-Level UMNO meetings, which commenced on May 4, are witnessing a resurgence of UMNO in Labuan as the turnout of party members at the branch level is not only encouraging but also surpassing expectations.


Labuan UMNO chief Datuk Mohd Rafi graced the event to inaugurate two branches and expressed his pride in the enthusiastic participation of UMNO members.

He highlighted that the enthusiastic presence of UMNO members enables the esteemed Malay party, particularly UMNO in Labuan, to progress in harmony with the evolving attitudes, ideologies, and political landscape of the nation.

“Alhamdulillah, I am thankful for the opportunity to attend and inaugurate two branches that conducted meetings this week.

“The ambiance of the meetings was invigorated by the substantial presence of members, indirectly indicating the resurgence of UMNO Labuan. Those in attendance felt as though it was an election campaign. Congratulations to the UMNO branches that conducted meetings with such fervour,” he conveyed in a statement shared on Facebook on Sunday.

The Rancha-Rancha Laut UMNO Branch and the Gersik Seguking UMNO Branch were two branches that conducted meetings with member attendance exceeding two-thirds.

UMNO Labuan Division, comprising 30 branches, has initiated its annual conference in phases since May 4 and will continue until June 2.

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