Can Sabahans rely on moderate leader Bung Moktar to steer Sabah UMNO in the correct direction?



KOTA KINABALU: It has come as a surprise to many, especially members of Sabah UMNO, that certain leaders are suggesting that “Sabah UMNO” is now showing signs of extremism and bigotry.

These accusations have left them feeling frustrated, as they believe that members of Parti Gagasan Rakyat Sabah were previously affiliated with Sabah UMNO, and even the current Chief Minister, who is among them, never faced such negative perceptions while they were part of UMNO.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the current president of Parti Cinta Sabah was also a member of UMNO in the past.

Over the course of 33 years, Sabah UMNO has been widely accepted by the people and has never been associated with extremism or bigotry.

It is only after several Sabah UMNO leaders departed for Gagasan Rakyat that Sabah UMNO started being portrayed in a negative light.

It appears that Datuk Bung Moktar Radin, regarded as a moderate leader, is undertaking the challenging responsibility of maintaining a positive image of Sabah UMNO among the local population.

Is it true that Sabah UMNO is now leaning towards extremism and bigotry? Or is this simply a desperate attempt by political opponents who fear the resurgence of Sabah UMNO?

In a rebuttal, the election director of Sabah UMNO Jeffrey Nor, refuted claims that the party is extremist.

He highlighted that UMNO Sabah promotes peace by welcoming individuals of all races and religions, including those who are not Muslims.

Jeffrey stressed the importance of correcting misconceptions about Sabah UMNO’s stance on extremism or violence, particularly among leaders who have joined Gagasan Rakyat.

He called on authorities to take action against individuals who make inflammatory political statements that stoke religious and racial tensions.

Jeffrey also addressed the controversial statement made by the UMNO Youth Chief regarding the sock issue, expressing disappointment while emphasizing that UMNO Sabah does not condone violence, citing it as contrary to true Islamic teachings.

Furthermore, Jeffrey, representing Sabah UMNO, expressed frustration over the recent attack on KK Mart in Kuching using a molotov cocktail.

He condemned the attack, stating that it not only affected the store but also endangered the general public.

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