Sim-Sim community offers a convenient roadside distribution of porridge and dates

SANDAKAN: As Ramadan approaches April, only 9 days remain until our Muslim brothers and sisters begin their holy fast.


Expressing deep gratitude to the local community of Sim-Sim for their invaluable collaboration.

“We have joined forces to prepare 500 bowls of freshly cooked beef porridge, accompanied by 500 packs of dates. These will be distributed to motorists and passers-by as they make their way home to break their fast with their families,” said Tanjong Papat assemblyman Datuk Frankie Poon today.

Since daybreak, the team has been diligently preparing the meals and has now gathered at the village for the final packaging, taking advantage of the shade provided by the Che Siang Khor Moral Uplifting Society as the afternoon heat subsides.

“We extend our heartfelt wishes to all those who contributed to this event, from the kind-hearted people of Sim-Sim to the broader community of Sandakan who actively participated in this initiative organized by the Tanjong Papat

“Assemblyman service center. It is through their collective efforts that this event has achieved tremendous success, added Poon.

May our community continue to serve as a testament to the vision of racial unity, not only during our festivities but also throughout the year and beyond!

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