Hajiji urges Sabahans in rural areas to reject opposition in the next PRN

PAITAN: Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor has urged the people of the state, including those in rural areas, to reject the opposition candidates in the upcoming state election (PRN) so that efforts to advance Sabah can continue.


“We have good plans for our people; that’s why the opposition is attacking us now because they don’t want us to progress; they just want our people to stay the same, but our people want progress,” he said.

Hajiji said this in his remarks during the Iftar event organised by the Ministry of Community Development and People’s Well-Being and the Paitan District Office at the Paitan Community Hall on Saturday.

He also expressed his confidence that all three state seats within the Beluran parliamentary constituency, namely Sugut, Labuk, and Telupid, will be retained in the upcoming state election, while the Beluran parliamentary seat can be won in the upcoming general election.

Hajiji said that the people of Paitan are very fortunate to have a representative (Datuk James Ratib) who is very concerned about the difficulties and suffering experienced by the people and is working hard to upgrade the Paitan District to a full-fledged district.

Speaking to reporters later, he said that the Sabah government has approved the proposal to upgrade the Paitan and Sook districts to full district status.

Hajiji said that the proposal to upgrade the Paitan and Sook districts was approved at a recent Cabinet meeting.

“God willing, both of these small districts will be able to operate as full districts in the near future once some technical matters, especially those involving administrative matters, district boundaries, and others, are resolved as soon as possible.”

“With this upgrade, we hope that government services to the people in both areas can be enhanced in line with the status of a full district,” he said.

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