GRS government urged to take immediate action to address the “Air Milo” issue – Jeffrey Nor

KOTA KINABALU: This water (in the picture) is not Milo water (Air Milo).


The milo-coloured water is actually a sample of the viral water supply on social media.

Consumers have complained about receiving water supplies with disgusting levels of cleanliness, likened to Milo water and reported to occur not only in Kota Kinabalu but also in other areas.

In light of this, Putatan UMNO Chief Jeffery Nor Mohamed wants the GRS government to take immediate action to rectify the situation.

“We hope that the relevant authorities will ensure that every piece of water supplied to consumers undergoes monitoring in terms of water quality before being distributed to consumers,” he said in his latest social media post.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Nor said that the GRS government should make early preparations to address the water supply crisis due to the El Nino phenomenon of hot weather and lack of rain that has been affecting the state since early January.

He said that early preparations are important to ensure an adequate supply of clean water and not burden consumers in the state.

He added that although Sabah has experienced this phenomenon several times before, early preparations covering all aspects are necessary to avoid excessive panic.

According to him, the hot weather and lack of rain that have been occurring in the state since the beginning of the year are expected to continue for several more months, which will undoubtedly affect the supply of clean water in the state.

“Therefore, the government’s preparations include monitoring all river and dam water levels, activating emergency response plans, exploring alternative water sources, encouraging the public and industries to conserve water usage, as well as conducting cloud seeding and providing logistical support if necessary,” he said in a post on his social media account on Saturday.

Jeffery Nor also advises the public to avoid engaging in any activities that could cause fires. Flammable materials should be properly stored, and open-burning activities such as burning trash, agricultural waste, and construction debris should be avoided, he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Hajiji Noor recently stated in a media statement that the state government will address the water issue to ensure that residents in every area have sufficient water supply, especially during the El Nino phenomenon or the current hot and dry season.

Hajiji said that he is committed to resolving the water supply issue that has been plaguing the state’s residents this year, including upgrading and improving treatment plants in all districts.

According to him, the state government has also received assistance of RM300 million from the federal government, which will be used to solve the water problem in Sabah.

“Citizens, do not worry. We (the government) will do our best to handle it,” Hajiji assured.

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