A Chief Minister from DAP in Sabah could become a reality if…

KOTA KINABALU: Author and political analyst Musli Oli suggested that DAP could potentially emerge as a significant balancing force in Sabah with a substantial number of representatives.


He raised the question of whether Sabah might see a Chief Minister from DAP and if the state would be governed similarly to Penang.

In a Facebook post, Musli highlighted the likelihood of this scenario, particularly in the event of a shift and division among local political parties led by indigenous groups.

He expressed concern that DAP’s current inclusion in the state cabinet could pave the way for the party to exert influence over Sabah’s political landscape.

Drawing from past experiences, Musli noted that DAP initially focused on urban constituencies, such as Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan, before expanding its presence to include the Tenom parliamentary seat, which represents a predominantly indigenous area.

In the recent general election, DAP further broadened its scope by contesting in additional seats like Papar, Batu Sapi, Lahad Datu, and Keningau.

Musli emphasised that DAP’s growing influence is evident in its participation in state-level contests, with the party gradually gaining control over several state seats.

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