Thousands of Sipitang folk are counting days to experience Pan Borneo Raya Package 1 Sindumin Melalia Highway that “never looms” – Abd Rahman

SIPITANG: “Hatta,” even one kilometre of the Pan Bonreo Highway in this district has not been completed for use by the residents of Sipitang and its surroundings, even though it is the first package of the Pan Borneo Highway project implemented in this state.


This was expressed by the Chief of Sipitang Umno, Haji Abd Rahman Moh Noh, who represents the voice of the people in the district, who are now “counting the days” to experience the paved and comfortable roads that ‘never loom’.

He stated that the main issue faced by the people of Sipitang and its surrounding areas is the lack of infrastructure, particularly the Pan Borneo Highway and the road from Sipitang to Long Pasia.

“Based on the information received from the consultants of the Public Works Department responsible for the construction of the highway, the implementing contractor has already claimed payment for about 70 percent of the work done. However, the progress of the implementation of the Pan Borneo Highway for the first package, which starts from the Sabah-Sarawak border in Sindumin and extends to Melalia for a distance of 28 kilometres, is disappointing. The payment received does not correspond to the work carried out,” he said during a recent interview.

According to him, the residents in the area are unsure of the actual cause of this issue. “Is it because the appointed contractor lacks credibility or because the consultant overseeing the work is negligent, allowing for such an imbalanced payment of 70 percent for work that has been done?” he questioned.

Abd Rahman added that the change in government cannot be used as an excuse for the delay of the project, as it had already begun before the change in administration.

Furthermore, Abd Rahman addressed the criticism he received for bringing up this issue, stating that it is a matter of public concern and should not be ignored.

However, Abd Rahman asserted that, as a leader, he has the right to raise the issue with the government because it is his responsibility to ensure that the people receive representation and their voices are heard by the relevant authorities.

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