UMNO ready to contest DUN Klias and Kuala Penyu in the upcoming state election

BEAUFORT: Beaufort UMNO is fully prepared to contest for the Klias and Kuala Penyu state seats in the forthcoming state election.


The decision was reached during a meeting of the division’s committee members, chaired by Beaufort UMNO chief Datuk Awang Asli Laka, held here on Saturday.

Awang Asli said that the UMNO committee had agreed to nominate UMNO candidates for both Klias and Kuala Penyu state seats and expressed hope that UMNO headquarters would take this into consideration.

“We have come to a consensus to urge the party’s top leadership to nominate UMNO candidates to compete in the Kuala Penyu and Klias DUN seats in the upcoming state election, and we will be presenting this proposal to the UMNO headquarters for their attention and deliberation,” he said after the meeting.

Awang Asli further added that in light of this decision, the UMNO Beaufort division has readied the party’s machinery in all Polling District Centres (PDM), with 12 PDMs established in the Kuala Penyu DUN and 12 PDMs in the Klias DUN that can be activated promptly if the state election is called soon.

“This readiness is further reinforced by the existence of 225 UMNO division branches in Beaufort, which have already organised their structure, along with close to 18,000 UMNO members who are prepared to confront the upcoming state election,” he remarked.

In a separate development, Awang Asli also stressed the significance of enhancing the role of social media.

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