UPKO should play a role in maintaining harmony within the GRS-PH state government,  says John Ambrose

KOTA KINABALU:KOTA KINABALU: Gagasan Rakyat Supreme Council Member Datuk John Ambrose said UPKO should play a role in maintaining harmony within the GRS-PH State Government.


Ambrose emphasized the importance of a united alliance to secure a significant victory for GRS-PH in order to regain power.

He said that all parties within GPS and PH, regardless of their size, would be given the opportunity to contest in the upcoming elections.

GRS Chairman cum Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor has always intended to work with everyone as a cohesive unit, he said in a statement here on Thursday.

Ambrose clarified that UPKO should not be offended by his statement regarding seat allocation, as the next state election is still some time away.

He believes that once the State Assembly is dissolved, GRS Chairman and PH Chairman, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, will discuss and agree upon seat allocation.

UPKO, as part of PH, will receive its fair share of seats based on the partnership’s continuation with GRS, he said.

Ambrose acknowledged that politics is unpredictable, and while GRS aims to collaborate with PH in the upcoming elections, circumstances may change.

“UPKO may decide to leave PH and form a partnership with Warisan or another party.

” Therefore, discussing seat allocation at this point is irrelevant since the future remains uncertain, ” he said.

However, he said as GRS and PH are part of the State administration, it is their duty to serve the people diligently and avoid being perceived as greedy.

Ambrose emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation among all components of GPS and PH for the betterment of the people.

He concluded by stating that politicians may come and go, but the people recognize those who can deliver and serve them effectively

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