Many Sabahans disappointed with GRS’ failure to deliver promised reforms – Bolkiah

PITAS: Many Sabahans are currently disappointed with the GRS government’s failure to deliver the promised reforms through their Sabah Maju Jaya approach, says former Pitas assemblyman Datuk Bolkiah Ismail.


In this respect, the Kudat UMNO information chief, believes that UMNO must address this disappointment by standing up for the people.

Bolkiah emphasised the need to continue engaging with the people and fighting for their interests.

He expressed these views after participating in the Sentuhan Kasih UMNO Kudat programme at the Pitas UMNO Coordination Office recently.

Bolkiah also called for unity and strengthening of the party machinery at all levels in preparation for the upcoming state elections (PRN).

He stressed that mere verbal affirmations without a proper approach and strategy would not lead to success.

Therefore, he hopes for constant updates and consistent efforts to increase party membership in order to restore and strengthen UMNO.

“Our ultimate goal is to regain power by winning the upcoming state elections,” he said.

He emphasised the importance of enhancing the understanding and interaction between UMNO and the wider community, as well as fostering closer ties with members and the UMNO machinery at all levels.

According to him, both aspects play equally important roles.

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