Salleh donated two lion’s heads to the Tiong Hua Kota Belud Association

KOTA BELUD: Former Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak generously donated two lion heads to the Tiong Hua Association for the lion dance team in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.


Salleh, who is also the Usukan Assemblyman, presented the lion head to Chinese captain Datuk Lim Bun Poo during a ceremony at the meeting room of the Tiong Hua Association in Kota Belud on Friday.

Also present at the event were Chinese captain Datuk Andy Chua and committee members of the Tiong Hua Association.

The lion dance, or “wu shi” in Mandarin, can be considered as a complement to the Chinese New Year celebration as the Chinese believe that the dance brings good luck to them when performed at their homes or business premises.

Accompanied by the beat of drums and gongs, as well as the clashing of cymbals, the dancers behind the lion or dragon costumes showcase their agility by performing various acrobatic moves that often captivate the audience.

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