PAS Sabah ready to face PRN at any time

SANDAKAN: PAS in Sabah is fully prepared for the upcoming state election (PRN), which could be held at any moment.


Dr. Aliakbar Gulasan, the PAS state commissioner, acknowledged that although there are still two years left, it is uncertain if the election will be called early.

In light of this, he emphasised the importance of all party members maintaining a strong connection with God during the blessed month of Rajab in order to seek blessings and guidance.

“I urge the entire machinery to organise and enhance programmes that engage the community, taking advantage of the opportunities presented in this sacred month.

“Each machinery should have confidence and fully embrace the planned journey of work,” he said during the recent PAS Election Machinery Assembly in the Sandakan Zone, held at Batu 8.

Dr. Aliakbar also stressed the need for every machine to understand the election process and work diligently to produce a well-thought-out strategy to secure victory for the party.

Furthermore, he reminded all members of the machinery to remain patient in the face of any tests or challenges that may arise within the party.

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