Harmony and unity are the keys to the state’s well-being and prosperity – Hajiji

TUARAN: The Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor, emphasised that the well-being and prosperity of Sabah rely on the harmony and unity among its people.


He highlighted that the people of Sabah, regardless of their races and nationalities, respect and celebrate each other’s festivals and cultures together in perfect harmony.

As an illustration, he mentioned that the Chinese New Year is not only celebrated by the Chinese community but also by various other tribes in the state.

He said this unique aspect of Sabah showcases how people from different tribes and cultures can come together to celebrate a festival with joy and harmony.

The Chief Minister also stressed the importance of preserving and passing down this harmony and understanding from our ancestors to the younger generation.

He further stated that the diversity in Sabah enables its multiracial population to live in peace and harmony.

“Sabah can serve as an exemplary model for other states in Malaysia in terms of understanding and unity among people of different races and cultures,” he said when officiating the Tuaran 2024 Dragon, Unicorns, and Lions Dance Festival at Padang Dataran Tuaran on Sunday.

The state government, through the Sabah Maju Jaya Direction (SMJ), is dedicated to the development of the state and its people without any discrimination based on race or religion, he said.

Hajiji said the State Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Environment will organise this year’s CNY Celebration to enhance the festive atmosphere.

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