Sabah must resolve water and electricity supply issues to attract investors, says a former assemblyman

KOTA KINABALU: Former Petagas assemblyman Datuk James Ligunjang emphasised the importance of ensuring a stable supply of electricity in Sabah to attract foreign investors.


While electricity may be considered a basic necessity, it plays a crucial role in the development of modern industries and overall economic growth, he said in his latest social media post.

Ligunjang highlighted the negative consequences of irregular electricity supply by citing the example of Vietnam, where major factories such as Samsung, Apple, Canon, and Foxconn had to shut down due to severe power shortages and outages caused by power restrictions.

This had significant repercussions for large enterprises and discouraged potential investors, he added.

In light of these circumstances, Ligunjang stressed the need for Sabah to address its electricity and water supply issues.

By doing so, he said the region can instill confidence in potential investors and foster economic growth.

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