Penampang UPKO Youth wants a revision of the parking fee rates

PENAMPANG: The youth leader of the Penampang United Kinabalu Progressive Organisation (UPKO), Billy Joe Dominic has suggested that the Penampang District Council (MDPg) should review the parking fee rates in the Penampang area.


He emphasised the importance of reducing the burden on users in the area.

According to Billy, many members of the public have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current parking fee charges in Penampang.

He believes that MDPg has the ability to revise the rates and address this issue.

Billy also mentioned that he attended a briefing on parking charges in Penampang last year, which was conducted by MDPg and attended by YB Datuk Ewon, the Member of Parliament for Penampang.

During the briefing, it was revealed that the concession agreement with the parking company had been finalized and signed before Ewon became a Member of Parliament.

During the briefing, Ewon expressed his disagreement with the payment rate and urged the District Council to review the parking charges.

He also highlighted his concerns about the concession company making more profit than what is paid to the district council.

In a media statement, Billy referred to the expensive and unreasonable parking charges in Penampang, which have become a major topic of conversation on social media among Penampang residents.

During the briefing on parking fees, Ewon requested the District Council to record his comments, as he anticipated that the people of Penampang would protest against the agreement, which he believed was not in favour of MDPg.

Billy emphasised that he does not oppose the implementation of parking in Penampang.

However, he urged for the parking charges to be reasonable and affordable for all Penampang residents.

He pointed out that since the public transport system in Penampang is still lacking and underdeveloped, many people have no choice but to drive themselves to town.

This includes small traders, guests, and hawkers who are significantly impacted by the parking charges as they conduct their daily business.

Furthermore, Billy highlighted that even residents living above the Donggongon store would be burdened by these parking charges.

He urged the council to publicly showcase the agreement document between the Penampang District Council and the company entrusted with the management of parking facilities in the Penampang region in order to uphold transparency in administrative matters within Penampang.

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