Bung’s loyalty to Sabah UMNO is unmatched, says Jeffrey, who asked if Zulkarnain Mahdar is still a member of UMNO

KOTA KINABALU: Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin’s loyalty to Sabah UMNO is unmatched, according to Sabah UMNO Elections Director, Jeffrey Nor.


Even when UMNO lost the last general election in 2018, Bung remained loyal while some leaders switched parties or remained silent.

Jeffrey, in a statement here today, asserted that Bung’s dedication and service to the party cannot be compared to anyone else’s, making him the ideal leader.

Jeffrey also questioned whether the Chairman of the Malaysian People’s Power Movement (G57), Datuk Zulkarnain Mahdar, is still a member of UMNO.

He urged Zulkarnain to refrain from making statements based on unverified sources and emphasised the importance of ensuring the survival of Sabah UMNO.

Jeffrey clarified that no official decision has been made regarding the political cooperation between Sabah UMNO and Parti Warisan Sabah for the upcoming state elections.

He denied the statement made by Zulkarnain Mahdar regarding a coalition between the two parties.

Jeffrey reiterated that the power to remove Bung as the Sabah UMNO Liaison Committee Chairman lies solely with the Party President.

Furthermore, Jeffrey emphasized that any decision made, including joining other parties, is based on the party’s survival rather than individual interests.

The party will prioritise cooperation that benefits Sabah UMNO and safeguards its future, he added.

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