Women’s Health Bureau Gagasan Rakyat organises a humanitarian programme, the Jolly and Jingle Caregiver Initiative.

KOTA KINABALU: In the spirit of the joy of the Christmas season, the Parti Gagasan Rakyat Sabah’s Women’s Health Bureau (Gagasan Rakyat) held a heart-touching humanitarian programme, the “Jolly & Jingle Caregiver Initiative,” at the Sabah Women’s & Children’s Hospital on Thursday.


The programme was led by the Chairman of the Health Bureau and Sabah People’s Idea Party Women’s Exco, Dr. Davina Datuk Markus Majihi, and launched by the Director of Likas Hospital, Dr. Marcus Netto.

It aims to appreciate and give community recognition to the carers who have long struggled with the challenges in the treatment journey of cancer patients.

The Women’s Health Bureau of the Gagasan Rakyat also gave donations in the form of blankets, neck pillows, and special food to the carers who faithfully take care of their beloved patients.

This initiative also reflects the spirit of care and empathy during the festive season. It is hoped that this small donation can provide some cheer and positive spirit for them to stay strong and persevere.

In the speech of the programme by the Chairman of the Health Bureau, Dr. Davina said the role of carers is very important; in fact, they need to stay strong even though there are times when they face emotional moments because they see their loved ones in pain and sadness.

“We appreciate their sacrifice and perseverance. They are true heroes who deserve appreciation,” she said.

Also present at the launch ceremony were Deputy Director (Medicine I), Dr. Christine Lu, Deputy Director (Management), Adrian Allan, Matron Anita Abd Malek, and nurses who provide comprehensive support in providing the best healthcare.

The Health Bureau also thanked the main sponsors, HERO Sabah and Hayat Technologies, who have played an important role in making this initiative a success.

“This initiative does not only provide physical aid but also creates a local support network to exchange experiences and provide support, so that together we can be a source of strength and hope for the carers of cancer patients,” said Dr Davina.

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