UMNO’s struggle in Sabah remained unaffected despite BN/UMNO’s defeat in Kemaman

KOTA KINABALU: The strength and spirit of UMNO’s struggle in Sabah remained undeterred despite the defeat of the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate by the PAS candidate in the recent Kemaman Parliament by-election.


Sabah UMNO Information Chief Datuk Suhaimi Haji Nasir said the support received from fervent PAS supporters in Kemaman, along with the nomination of Terengganu’s Menteri Besar as the PAS candidate, ensured a predictable outcome.

Suhaimi affirms that UMNO will persist in its efforts to enhance the party and fulfill its obligations, particularly in Sabah.

Therefore, he said the outcome of the by-election in Kemaman should not be considered as a measure of UMNO’s opponents’ allegations that they have been rejected by the people, including in Sabah.

Hence, if any individual party perceives the defeat of BN/UMNO in the Kemaman as an indication of UMNO’s downfall and suggests shutting down, “it is merely a malicious perception aimed at tarnishing the reputation of UMNO’s institutions,” he said.

Suhaimi, the Libaran UMNO chief expressed his views when asked about the opinions presented in two online posts.

Blogger Pician and hired Bernama Jalin Luin had written on Suhaimi’s social media platform, he said.

One of the posts highlighted that “PAS has achieved a remarkable majority of over 30k. Should we consider an alternative and shut down?” The other post mentioned that “Bung Moktar, while supporting his party in Sabah, has witnessed UMNO’s decline in the Peninsula. It appears that Malays in Sabah have rejected UMNO. What more can be said?”

Suhaimi stated that he had perused the article once, however, he regarded it as detrimental prose that held no sway over UMNO’s influence, particularly in Sabah.

Suhaimi emphasized that although he has read the content, he believes it to be a form of toxic writing that lacks engagement in terms of likes and comments.

He speculates that this might be the way Jalin writes in order to sustain himself financially.

However, Suhaimi warns against being deceived by such content, as it could potentially create a negative perception among readers, particularly loyal members of UMNO who are actively involved in the party’s cause.

Suhaimi further stated that in the event that Sabah UMNO has experienced a decline in support or has undergone a process of westernization and closure, this occurrence has already taken place in the past.

A faction of UMNO leaders, along with numerous UMNO Division Chiefs in Sabah, had previously defected to Bersatu and subsequently returned to join PGRS.

Despite their efforts, UMNO’s stronghold in Sabah remained unshaken. Sabah UMNO chief Datuk Seri Panglima Bung Moktar Radin, along with other principled and loyal leaders, continued to lead Sabah UMNO, ensuring that no division of the party in Sabah was dissolved.

Suhaimi emphasized that the dissolution of Sabah UMNO is not influenced by individuals like Jalin Luin, who have also inherited the culture of jumping, but rather by the collective efforts of all the principled and loyal members of Sabah UMNO. It is estimated that there are over 7,000 individuals who contribute to this cause.

Suhaimi emphasized that the openness displayed by UMNO leaders, under the leadership of Datuk Seri Panglima Bung, after the 16th PRN of 2020, will not be forgotten in history.

Their agreement to support PGRS until the government was formed and Datuk Seri Panglima Hajiji Noor was appointed Chief Minister played a crucial role in the formation of the current Sabah government.

However, this sincerity was met with unfounded accusations against UMNO, alleging their involvement in the non-existent “Kinabalu Step” and attempts to overthrow the government.

“These actions by certain UMNO leaders were seen as betrayals driven by personal political interests. This episode has been eagerly awaited by GRS leaders, as it presents an opportunity to remove UMNO from the government administration machinery, which aligns with their personal political ambitions,” he said.

Unfortunately, Suhaimi said this move disregards the concept of a Unity Government at the Central level, where UMNO is a key pillar in the formation of the Perpaduan government after the 15th GE.

In the midst of these developments, Suhaimi advised Jalin Liun not to be overly concerned with the affairs of other political parties.

“If he is part of the “this is our house, we take care” house, he should focus on taking care of his own party.

“He should strive to produce materials that he can be proud of, contributing to the achievement of the “Sabah Maju Jaya” slogan brought forth by the current GRS government. Despite the ongoing economic crises faced by the people of Sabah, including challenges related to water supply infrastructure, roads, and electricity, which have yet to be fully resolved by the government, it is important to prioritize the well-being of Sabah and its people,” he added.

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