Govt urged to enact specific law to prevent discrimination based on race and religion at work – Kanul

KOTA KINABALU: The government is urged to enact a specific new legislation (Act) in Parliament to prevent discrimination based on race and religion in the workplace or with regard to job prospects.


Sabah activist Kanul Gindol also called for the imposition of punishment for any unwarranted acts of racism and religious

He said he was saddened by the action of the restaurant owner in the federal capital, who sacked an employee for wearing a cross at work.

“This is sad day for Malaysia, and it should not happen again,” he said in his latest social media posting.

According to Kanul, Malaysia is getting more and more “scary” for moderate-minded people.

“Are non-Muslims not allowed to work on premises that are “publicised” as halal or sharia-compliant? he asked.

Kanul said religious and racial issues might become a significant problem if immediate action is not taken by the authorities.

On Tuesday, Penang mufti Wan Salim Wan Noor said the firing of an employee by a Chinese Muslim eatery in Kuala Lumpur for wearing a cross at work is not in line with Islamic teaching.

“Islam teaches its followers to be kind to all humans, whether or not they are fellow believers, even if they are of a different religion,” he was quoted as saying.

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