Gagasan Rakyat Women`s Wing  urged to focus on work to win the state election -Redonah

KOTA KINABALU: Gagasan Rakyat Women’s Chief Datuk Redonah Bahanda has called on members of the women’s wing to work hard to ensure Gagasan Rakyat’s victory in the upcoming state election (PRN).


According to her, the women’s movement’s election machinery must operate closely with its main goals to achieve the desired results.

“I am confident that with everyone who is with me in the women’s movement, we can achieve success with our hard work in the next state election that will take place soon,” she said.

Redonah said this in her policy speech during the Gagasan Rakyat’s Annual General Meeting at the SICC here today.

According to Redonah, the hard work of the women’s movement machinery starts from within and involves all Wanita members at various levels.

“We must work together, carry out campaigns, and make sure that what we convey to the grassroots is effective, understood by them, and, God willing, hopefully accepted by them.

“I would like all the women who are with me in this movement to also practice a positive attitude and not have negative feelings among each other, because if there is a ‘thorn in the flesh’, surely our efforts and all our hard work will be disrupted,” she added.

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