Taman Penampang Management and Water Department to work together to resolve the housing water issue

PENAMPANG: Transparency serves as a powerful tool in preventing misunderstandings and the potential negative consequences they can bring.


Carl Mosoom, Political Secretary to Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Penampang Member of Parliament (MP), who attended on behalf of the MP, said this after a meeting.
at the district office.

Ewon had called for the meeting when he was informed of the water problem in Taman Penampang recently.

Carl said the situation between the residents were brought about by a lack of communication.

Concerning the meeting at the district office today, he said the complaints were relevant from each perspective but should have been resolved through communication and explanation.

“We hope that after the lively debate, the issue will be looked into with more transparency where complaints can be resolved and questions can be answered immediately with a view to reaching a resolution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Penampang District Officer Francis Chong mentioned that the issue was between the Water Department and Taman Penampang Management.

They should work together to ensure that residents requirements are met.

Water Department Engineer Chee Chun Chieh emphasised that his team is actively working with the management of Taman Penampang to address the water supply within the residential area.

According to Chee, the primary focus lies not in the availability of water but in ensuring its equitable distribution.

He mentioned that effective communication with the management of Taman Penampang is underway to address any concerns related to water supply.

Also present during the event was YB Jannie Lasimbang, a Kapayan State Assemblywoman.

Recently, Ewon stated that the Water Department, management company, and homeowners each have their own responsibilities.

“If there are still other needs, for example, technical problems that cannot be solved and require financial implications or funding support from the government, then it is my responsibility to find initiatives.”

“But based on the written answer emailed to me by the company, they are implementing initiatives to resolve it,” he said.

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