Pandikar’s statement veered off topic,like a fish out of water – KDM

KOTA KINABALU: KDM information chief, Dr Oswald Aisat Igau has likened USNO President Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia’s criticism of Datuk Peter Anthony to a fish out of water (or serupa cacing kepanasan).


This is because, according to him, Pandikar’s remarks, which were made public in a video yesterday, veered off topic from the primary concern that Peter had raised earlier and received no response regarding the criticism directed towards Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He said that the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) leader should have responded about his failure to raise awareness of the state’s issues during his tenure in the previous government, rather than just making a personal attack on Peter and KDM.

“Pandikar should have observed the statement of Peter; he (Pandikar) was criticised for accusing the Prime Minister of using only rhetoric in an effort to solve the problems arising in Sabah. Peter told Pandikar to give opportunity and time to the Prime Minister to solve the problems in Sabah.

“Pandikar claims that the roads in Sabah have potholes, water problems, and electricity problems. Peter only reprimanded him for speaking out now when he has been in government for decades before… Peter only insists on giving the Prime Minister a chance,” he said in a statement today.

Dr. Oswald also refuted Pandikar’s claim that the KDM has a representative from the GRS, which is KDM Deputy President Datuk Wetrom Bahanda.

“It must be remembered that Wetrom is not from GRS; the coalition was only registered in 2022, whereas Wetrom has been a representative of the people since 2020.

“This is how it is when it’s like a ‘fish out of water.” Talking is just a joke. Let’s not forget the issue of ‘goats eating sand’. He (Pandikar) is also the one who came forward to make a statement to take action against the government officials who exposed the issue,” he said.

“Pandikar also claimed that Peter wants to be ‘the next’ Huguon Siou, I have no capacity to comment, let the people of KDM (Kadazan, Dusun, Murut) decide, but from what I know Peter is not interested in the relevant title,” he said.

Oswald, meantime, denied Pandikar’s claim that KDM hasn’t yet proven its “manhood” in the political sphere.
Maybe Pandikar forgot that in the most recent General Election (GE15), KDM had deposed the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president in Kota Marudu.

Oswald, in the meantime, did not refute KDM’s application to join GRS a few years prior, but the wish was revoked due to their excessive delay.
“After waiting for many years, KDM decided to withdraw his application to join the GRS a few years ago and continue forward on his own until they joined the Unity Government.

“We also admit that we invited the Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor to a KDM ceremony a while back, but he was only a guest of honour, the Chief Minister has nothing to do with KDM”It is entirely up to us whether or not KDM forms a coalition with any party; Pandikar or Usno are unaffected.
“There is no need to teach us because KDM knows its own direction, it is definitely for change and progress,” he added.

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