Will PAS make way for Dr. Mahathir in Kemaman as a stepping stone to Putrajaya? – Salleh

KOTA KINABALU: The upcoming by-election in Kemaman presents an opportunity to re-establish Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Parliament, thereby fulfilling PAS’s goal of regaining federal authority.


Former Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak said Mahathir could also be the prime ministerial candidate for a Perikatan Nasional government

“The recent statement made by PAS’s Deputy President about their intention to make a comeback into Putrajaya is a reflection of what’s in the mind of their political leadership.

“With their big victory during PRU15 and recent PRN, they seems to be quite impatient, and the recent association with Tun Mahathir as a timely opportunity,” he said in his latest Facebook posting.

Salleh, who is also a former Sabah chief minister, said based on the statement “We should be able to analyse what’s the true intention of inviting Tun Mahathir to be the advisor of SG4”.

Is it to promote economic interests within the four states, or is it to enhance and synergize the hidden political ambitions of both PAS and Tun Mahathir?

“If PAS were to make a comeback to Putrajaya soon, they need to bring in Tun Mahathir into parliament now so that he could be their candidate for PM of the PN Unity Government.

“Hence, would PAS wait for PRU16 or would they use the vacancy in Kemaman as a platform for Tun Mahathir?” he added.

Salleh said PAS saw no reason to wait as Mahathir was now on their side.

PAS believed Mahathir could produce “political magic” once he was in parliament.

“That is why PAS wants Tun Mahathir and not Muhyiddin Yassin to be the candidate for Prime Minister. Tun Mahathir in turn will not topple Anwar unless he is the replacement, not others,” he said.

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