Sabah prioritises education to produce quality human capital

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah government is committed to giving priority to the aspect of education that produces quality and competitive human capital.


Towards that end, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Ir Shahelmey Yahya said various educational initiatives have been given, including the Examination Cash Assistance (BAKTI), the Sabah State Education Fund (TPNS), and the PIBG School Activity Assistance (BAGUS).

He said this proves the concern of the state government in the fields of education and human capital development.

Shahelmey said this in his remarks at the charity dinner of SM La Salle, Tanjung Aru, at the Penampang International Commercial and Technology Centre on Saturday night.

On education, he said the use of digital technology by students should be encouraged in tandem with technological progress.

He said that in the modern world, many things need to be done using digital technology, such as learning and teaching.

Shahelmey, however, said it requires monitoring and supervision from older people to prevent children from being influenced by negative elements.

“We want a young generation that is not only excellent in academic achievement but also good in their personal development,” he said.

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