UMNO makes significant contribution towards the country’s eventual independence – Bung Moktar

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah UMNO Liaison Committee Chairman Datuk Seri Panglima Bung Moktar Radin said that UMNO had played a significant role in liberating Malaya from the clutches of colonial powers.


He said that the success of bringing independence to the homeland on August 31, 1957, was one of Umno’s greatest successes and will never be forgotten.

According to Bung, UMNO did it simply because the party leaders loved the country and wanted to ensure that the future of the country would rise with determination and a noble and sincere identity.

“UMNO is very synonymous with independence; that happened because from the very beginning the political elite placed themselves in the front line as freedom fighters,” he said in his message in conjunction with the 66th National Independence Day celebration today.

Bung said UMNO’s contribution since the country’s independence has brought prosperity, stability, and prosperity to all corners of the country.

All of that would not have been manifested without the spirit of togetherness and loyalty of its leaders, who moved as a team no matter what obstacles came their way,” he said.

According to him, despite facing various challenges, UMNO succeeded in managing a country made up of various races, cultures, and religions with excellence, glory, and distinction.

However, according to Bung, who is also a member of the Supreme Council of UMNO, the existing prosperity and political stability have been destroyed by a few leaders who used to be with UMNO and who never tyre of trying to change the existing harmony of prosperity and stability in line with their perverse agenda.

“In addition to dealing with this group, there are also parties that play racial and religious sentiments into their political agendas to the point of affecting racial harmony and unity in order to achieve their ambitions,” he said.

He said that the group not only tried to divide the unity in order to achieve their wishes and ambitions, but it is more unfortunate that those who left UMNO also forgot the services of the party and previous leaders who fought in the name of UMNO to demand the country’s independence and fill the country’s needs after independence.

“Those who left this struggle forgot the services of UMNO, which not only raised them as leaders as they are today, but when they were together in UMNO, they also had the opportunity to enjoy the results of the struggle of this sacred party,” he said.

It is more unfortunate and sad, according to Bung, that this group also belittles and insults UMNO and forgets the services and contributions of previous UMNO leaders, even though they are aware that they are in their current position because of the struggles of previous leaders.

“However, the party is confident that their strategy will not succeed as long as UMNO members continue to be united and stick to the principles of their struggle,” he said.

According to Bung, who is also the Sabah BN Chairman, the independence pioneered by UMNO is a struggle and a long journey.

The independence enjoyed by the people, especially in Sabah, needs to continue to be filled with the blessings of prosperity from various aspects of the economy, health education, and not least the infrastructure development agenda for the well-being of the people, he added.

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