Rukun Negara to be recited with preamble – Aaron

KUALA LUMPUR:  The recitation of the Rukun Negara pledge is now coordinated in every school and official government programme across the country, starting with the full reading of the preamble (mukadimah) and followed by the five principles, to instil loyalty and love for the country.
National Unity Minister Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang said the proposal to recite the Rukun Negara in full was approved by Cabinet on July 25.
“With this approval, we will now commence Rukun Negara Exploration activities, starting with today’s launch. 
Thereafter, all activities related to the Rukun Negara programmes will be carried out with other ministries, such as the Education Ministry and the Rukun Tetangga Community (KRT) throughout the country.
“We also propose that the Rukun Negara be recited at every opening ceremony of the Dewan Rakyat and the Dewan Negara,” he said at the Rukun Negara Exploration event here today.
Aaron further said that the exploration programme launched today was in line with the decision of the Cabinet and National Unity Ministry to develop a programme under the Flagship Kembara Perpaduan Malaysia MADANI.
The effort is aimed at enhancing appreciation towards the Rukun Negara as a means of unification and promoting patriotism among Malaysians,” he said.
“So far, the Rukun Negara has been recited but only the five principles. However, we want a preamble that includes the vision because the five principles are only a summary but what touches the heart is the vision,” he said.
  He said that under the Exploration programme, various interesting activities were organised to promote appreciation of the Rukun Negara at kindergarten, school and university levels. 


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