Come out in full force on Saturday, Bung urges Sabah voters

BAHAU (Negeri Sembilan) : Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Bung Moktar Radin has called on registered voters from Sabah in the six states to come out in full force to cast their votes in the Aug 12 elections.


He said it was to ensure that unity government candidates secure top-notch victories in the state elections.

In this respect, Bung urged the people of Sabah, who are registered voters, particularly in Selangor, to support the BN-PH candidates.

Bung said there are approximately 160,000 Sabahans residing or working in Selangor.

“Do not waste the opportunity to vote by choosing the candidates of the Unity Government.

“The Unity government definitely has the vision to bring development and progress in addition to preserving political stability so that the country can move forward,” he said here today.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters after visiting the Taman Bahau District Voting Centre near here yesterday, Bung said the BN election machinery should redouble its efforts as the election is drawing near with only three days left before the voters go to the polls.

“BN machinery must work hard to ensure the victory of all the candidates for the Unity Government who are contesting in this state election.

“And the BN machinery from Sabah needs to work hand in hand with the local machinery for the state seats where BN candidates are contesting and vice versa to help the candidates from PH in other areas,” he said.

Also present were Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan, Labuan UMNO Chief Datuk Mohd Rafi Datuk Ali Hassan, Jempul Member of Parliament Datuk Shmsul Kahar, Tenang Assembly person Datuk Haslinda Salleh, and Labis UMNO Chief Mohd Nor Azhar.

According to Bung, who is also an UMNO Supreme Working Council member, with only a few days left, the BN/PH machinery needs to intensify its efforts to neutralise the grey areas that have been identified and focus attention on some grey areas that tend to support the unity government candidate.

He also stressed the need for the BN/PH machinery to be mobilised on August 12 so that all voters come out to vote en masse.

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