Thousands of Kota Belud secondary school students benefit from redONE Sabah’s Free SIM Card

KOTA BELUD: Thousands of secondary school students in the Kota Belud district will benefit from the free SIM card programme distributed by redONE SABAH.


The chairman of redONE Sabah, Borneo Shopping Sdn Bhd Rashid Liaw said it was part of the CSR program of redONE, the MVNO telco company Celcom.

“redONE Sabah is distributing free SIM Cards to all secondary school students within Kota Belud District who have an ID card,” he said at the launch of the free SIM Card program at Sekolah Menengah Agama Tun Said here today.

The opening ceremony was officiated by Usukan Assemblyman Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak.

The redONE SIM card is worth RM70 and RM15 respectively for the first month.

With RM15, students can purchase redONE 10gb data redfast which provides RM5 plus 500Mb every subsequent month.

Calls to redONE prepaid are free, and the sim card can be used for 12 months even if there is no reload.

redONE is the main private sponsor of Sabah FC. With a RM50 reload, students can get a Sabah FC Jersey for free.

With that, they can get to online to look the information they require in addition to being able to contact their families for complimentary.

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