Budget 2023 drives Sabah’s progress – Consumer

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah West Coast Wise Consumers Association is optimistic that the development and progress of Sabah and the state of Sarawak can be driven more effectively with a large allocation of RM6.5 billion and RM5.6 billion through the presentation of the 2023 Budget.


Its president, David Chan, said that the announcement by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim last Friday could greatly benefit the people of both states.

According to him, it is hoped that with the provision in question, the gap in progress between the peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak can be narrowed.

“What is important through Budget 2023 is the process of defending the fate of the people by upgrading various facilities and basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity supply, clean water and internet access.

“We hope that this large allocation will be able to boost the progress of the state and thus allow economic activities, especially in rural areas, to become more vigorous,” he said.

He also welcomed the allocation which will be used to develop cities bordering Kalimantan, Indonesia such as Kalabakan, Sabah and Ba’kelalan, Sarawak at a cost of RM1 billion.

“These bordering cities will be gateways for Indonesians, especially after the transfer of the Indonesian capital to Kalimantan.

“With the availability of complete infrastructure facilities and suitable facilities, the border towns will definitely develop, thereby opening up employment and economic opportunities for the local population,” he said.

David said that the government is also expected to provide some allocations to increase food sources and curb the price of goods from continuing to rise.

He said that the people today are stressed by the prices of food items and services that continue to rise and there should be a long-term and short-term action plan to deal with the issue.

“We welcome the initiatives provided by the government through the 2023 Budget, especially to help farmers, rubber farmers, youth, women and PMKS entrepreneurs.

“We hope that this target group will make the best use of the aid given and that it will be distributed to the right target,” he said.

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