“Frog” politics reigns supreme in Sabah

By Political Analyst Mohd Ustar Abdul Ghani


KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s political theatrics are never short of pulsating and controversial. Just when the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was in his midst to restore political sanity in this country, Sabah’s politicians are contemplating different agenda, ploughing through the people’s mandate and democratic principles.

Three Warisan assembly members have recently announced their departure from Warisan citing a continued pursuit for the welfare of those people whom they represented.

Today Awang Ahmad Sah Sahari the assemblyman for Petagas took the same political cause leaving Warisan for a purportedly “better political prospects”.

Call it disloyalty, sell-out, deception or treachery, this political betrayal and political chaos will rise above strong political moral conscience to bring Sabah forward.

Unlike Sarawak, Sabah is still struggling to find the right impetus for a more organised and consolidated political gesticulation to restore political serenity in the state.

The delay in enacting the Anti-Hop Law should be confronted and addressed immediately to put a halt to this political fiasco.

It is not clearly known whether their departures could be linked to a vested personal interests but the harsh realities seemed to be pointing at that direction.

It is high time that the Anti-Hop Law be tabled and enacted in the State Assembly to restore political integrity.

Unless and until such measure is deployed we will continue to ride on political chaos and political uncertainties.

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